Collection Of Due Claims

A direct consequence of the economic hardship observed globally in recent years is the inability to pay business claims from their customers of products or services for the sales, provided by them. Sometimes, the inability to collect outstanding debts endangers the very viability of the business.

Our Law Office “Konstantinos Darivas & Associates”, having deep knowledge of the legislative framework for late payments, is able to provide a complete network of legal advice in order to secure our principal’s claims, as well as late payment interest with an increased interest rate, plus collection costs, thus contributing decisively to maintaining increased liquidity. Please contact us for any issue regarding:

  • Collection of public debts to individuals and businesses
  • Collection of debts for debts of the EOPYY (EFKA) and the former insurance funds to individuals and businesses
  • Collection of due funds against Public Hospitals, Military Hospitals, Private Clinics
  • Enforcement against private individuals and public
  • Legal advisory services
  • Judicial representation before courts of all levels
  • Out-of-court dispute resolution
  • Independent claim for late payment interest based on Law 4172/2013 on paid claims


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