Trademarks & Patents

Our Law Office “Konstantinos Darivas & Associates” has a specialized group of legal advisors, who provide their services to all types of businesses in the fields of Free Competition Law and Trademark Law. Our services are tailored to our client’s specific needs, taking into consideration their business activity, the industry they are part of and the vision of the business itself.

If you already have in mind the distinguishing feature or brand of your business, if you want your products or services to stand out from other similar ones on the same market, or if you have invented a new product or production method or industrial application and you want to exploit it commercially, either yourself or by granting the economic exploitation to a third party in return, our office is able to provide you with full support, quickly and efficiently.
Our extensive experience, know-how and constant communication with the competent authorities such as the Directorate of Commercial and Industrial Property (Trade Marks Service) of the Ministry of Development, as well as constant information on the legislative framework applicable to Commercial Law and in particular to the Law of Free Competition and Trademark Law, guarantees the best possible handle of your case. Our law office provides a wide range of services concerning:

  • Trademarks Registration (national, European)
  • Patents Registration
  • Lawsuit in order to protect a Trademark or Patent
  • Research in the competent Authorities regarding the existence of similar trademarks or patents.
  • Drafting Articles of Incorporation
  • Drafting Power of Attorney and authorizations
  • Supporting document’s Translation
  • Legal acts against the rejection decision: Filing an objection
  • Renewal of a Trademark or a Patent


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