Administrative Law

Administrative Law is a specialized field of Law that requires deep legal knowledge and a full understanding of the institutional rules that govern the functioning of the Administration’s bodies, both among themselves and in relation to the governed, during the process of issuing (or failing to issue) administrative acts. Various issues are thus raised, concerning the individual distinctions of powers, the composition and operation of the collective Administrative Bodies, as well as the civil liability of the public and Legal Entities under Public Law.

“Konstantinos Darivas & Associates” Law Office has highly trained and scientifically qualified associates, who are able to cover the entire range of cases that arise, always with a view to ensuring the principles of legality, transparency, good administration, the Rule of Law and citizen’s protection, as dictated by the Constitution.

In particular, our office provides services in the field of Administrative Law, which consist on any dispute that arises between our clients and the Public Administration, such as for example Public Services, Independent Administrative Authorities, Local Government Organizations etc. and which can be resolved either by conciliation or by representation before the Court.

Our experienced partners undertake with speed and efficiency, cases related to the following sectors :

  • Drafting Pleadings (lawsuit, objection, annulment, appeal)
  • Lawsuit for damages
  • Public Tenders
  • Tax Disputes
  • Differences from imposition of municipal fees and taxes
  • Rhytomic expropriations
  • Implementing actions
  • Career development of doctors and military
  • Old Age Pension’s Grant
  • Claiming Benefits
  • Church Law (legal Relations with Parishes and Monasteries)


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