Greek Aviation Law

Aviation Law, as a part of Commercial Law, constitutes the establishment of special international public and private rules due to air transport problems and any related interest. It is distinguished into International Public and International Private Aviation Law directly or indirectly related to civil aviation.
Given that civil aviation in general, has an international character, a large part of Aviation Law is International Law or internationally uniform law that also characterizes the internal national regulations that were formed following international agreements.

The heart of International Aviation Law is the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which regulates international air transport. It is part of United Nations and was established in 1947 under the 1944 Chicago Convention of the Conference on International Civil Aviation. Its members are 191 countries and its headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. The most important tasks of the ICAO relate to areas such as the standardization and safety of aviation, the regulation of international aviation law, due to technological development or other reasons (e.g. air piracy), the development of the necessary infrastructure with joint support programs of the members for financing as well as technical assistance programs, the distribution and management of ICAO codes for airports, aircraft and airlines worldwide, the standardization of travel documents, in a globally uniform format, etc.


“Konstantinos Darivas and Associates” Law Office has a specialized team of partners with deep knowledge of the most basic pieces of legislation in Aviation Law, public and private, such as the International Convention of Chicago (1947), International Civil Aviation, Code of Aviation Law (N. 1815/1988), Warsaw Convention 1929 consolidated with all protocols amending it, Montreal Convention 1999 (L. 3006/2002), Regulation (EC) 2027/1997 as amended by Regulation (EC) 889/2002 and Community Regulations concerning the protection of passengers’ rights during an air transport of passengers and baggage, at international, EU and national level.


Furthermore, our office, working with special experts, is able to quickly and efficiently undertake any case related to Greek Aviation Law and International Aviation Matters, such as:

  • Airline Charter Agreements
  • Contracts between airlines and travel agents/tour operators
  • Sale/Purchase and leasing of aircraft
  • Agreements for aircraft maintenance
  • Passenger claims (e.g. from aircraft accidents/ breach of contract)
  • Registrations and Deregistrations of Aircraft and Aircraft Engines in Greece.


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